Literature review: Wisents in the Maashorst

22-12-2017 – HAS University – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

In 2016, a population of 15 wisents have been introduced into the Maashorst with aim to help transform this nature reserve into a robust and connected landscape with forest, heather, grassy vegetation, fens and flowing streams. Introducing a population of large herbivores can have can have major consequences for a certain area. They can increase diversity in vegetation and are able to create and sustain large open areas.

In this literature review I will study the Wisents in the Maashorst and what could happen when exposing the reserve to these large herbivores. First I study the ecology and landscapes in the Maashorst. Then I describe the ecology of the wisents, especially their grazing behavior. Thereafter I focus on the wisent population in the Maashorst and the current policy. Finally, I give my opinion on this policy and conclude what this could mean for the future of the Maashorst.