Essay: How can we protect the most nature per dollar invested?

09-10-2018 – WUR – Wageningen

Inferred from the article of Barbier, Burgess & Dean (2018), this essay argues that instead of investing in their own countries, wealthy countries should invest more in developing nations in order to improve global nature conservation. It is a win-win situation. The investor wins because the investment will provide more benefits on the long term and is more cost-effective. Nature wins because the regions with most biodiversity and endemic species will be better protected, and also those where the need for conservation is most urgent will be better protected. On the other hand, the disadvantage of this is that there will not be a strong feeling of responsibility among the public. In general people only feel responsible for conservation if it is ‘their own nature’, and not nature in developing nations.

Nevertheless, to my opinion, the arguments supporting the proposition are stronger than those against the proposition. It is important that developing countries are provided with adequate funds in order to safeguard nature, and these funds should be provided by developing countries.

It is an extremely difficult task cooperate on a global scale and invest in the distant future. It simply goes against human nature. Nevertheless, it is necessary that major changes need to be made to save nature, and those changes need to be made now.