Wildlife filmmaker Mees Swinkels

I grew up with a passion for nature and wildlife. My father taught me for example how to recognize birds from a young age. As I grew older, I also developed an interest in wildlife filmmaking. I was amazed by BBC documentaries and David Attenborough was my idol. Soon enough I knew I had to become a wildlife filmmaker. I bought a camera, two lenses and a tripod.

At the age of 16 I started studying ‘Applied Biology’ at the HAS University in Den Bosch. During this bachelor I was able to convert my passion and curiosity about biology into knowledge and experience. Besides learning about biology, I also gained experience with filming and photography. I learn a lot from other wildlife filmmakers, like Dick Harrewijn, Ruben Smit, Luc Enting, Cees van Kempen, Pim Niesten, Stijn Philips, Stefan Kuipers and Arthur de Bruin. I have worked for several TV and cinema productions as filmer or as camera assistent. Currently I am combining my masters degree with full-time camera-assistant. I am doing a Biology masters at Wageningen University, specializing in ecology and nature conservation. I am camera assistant for a documentary series called Onze Natuur. This series about Belgian nature will contain seven episodes of 50 minutes and is broadcasted on Canvas. 

My camera gear